Another creative agency in Denver, Andrews Artistry, reached out and asked me to write a voice-over script for a promotional video they were creating for one of their clients, Feel the Beat. Feel the Beat is a non-profit in Colorado working to "ensure that those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, as well as those with or without disabilities can engage in music and dance education".
With a short turn-around time on the project, and working off of past promotional materials and videos, I wrote the script for this 6-minute video showcasing all of Feel the Beat's achievements, a beneficiary story, and their ambitions for the future. I also provided loose suggestions for visuals that could be included at each stage of the video.
Full Script:
[Background music fades in – perhaps pick a particularly interesting or noticeable clip that might cause them to think about the music for a moment over the visuals] – perhaps visuals of people walking down the street/on the bus listening to headphones or something
Many of us take music for granted as an integral part of life ­– but imagine your life without sound. How would you experience music?
[CUT background music] – perhaps fade to visuals showing Feel the Beat logo/ students of FTB programs/ dancing
Feel the Beat has taken on the mission to ensure that everyone can experience the transformational nature of music and dance.

At Feel the Beat, we believe in the joy of dance – it’s a universal language that transcends barriers and brings people together. We have witnessed our students experience incredible transformations facilitated by the power of movement and the benefits of dance.
It’s so rewarding to see how much of an impact these experiences have on our students! For many of them it’s life-changing. That’s the power of the beat!
[Montage of students participating in Feel the Beat classes]

The Journey of Feel the Beat has been a remarkable one, from our humble beginnings to our groundbreaking work providing inclusive dance and music education, we have made significant strides.
[Visuals of installed and mobile floors]
In June of 2022, we completed a full installation of our state-of-the-art vibrotactile bone conduction dance floor inside of the Charles Whitlock Recreation Center in Lakewood, Colorado. We’ve also re-vamped our mobile floor design, making it more intuitive and portable, so that we can bring this life-changing experience to even more people!
[Footage from various events]
This new technology has made it possible for us to attend numerous events in the area, including Pasco Picnic, Dirt Coffee’s annual fundraiser, Lakewood Health and Family Fun Day, Fashionability with Denver Arts and Venues, Wellspring Community Event with Brewability, Developmental Pathways at Lone Tree Arts Center, and Dia Del Niño at the Denver Art Museum.
In addition to attending, we were thrilled that our students had the opportunity to perform at Dia Del Niño, where they showcased a dance that all of our classes learned this year! We created a virtual showcase of this dance, featuring every class learning the routine at their own level and ability.
[Visuals of students performing at Dia Del Niño]

The impact of Feel the Beat has been profound. In the last year, we have served over 3,000 students through our weekly classes, special events, and newly launched Master Class series exposing people to the physical experience of music in our own facilities, floor installations, and mobile flooring.
[Visuals from Master Class series]
Requests for Feel the Beat programming have increased by 40%, highlighting the need for impactful, intentional, and inclusive services. With so much interest, we’ve expanded our offerings to provide inclusive after-school programs, movement education, and therapeutic recreation.
Together, we are breaking barriers and expanding inclusion.
[Visuals of students smiling and laughing together]
In the last year, we have received some of our largest donations and grants ever as a non-profit. People and organizations increasingly recognize the outsized impact of our work, and their support speaks volumes about our contributions and future projects.

Dance has the power to heal, increase connection, and reduce isolation. It strengthens balance and coordination, builds strength and flexibility, and provides an expressive outlet for emotional regulation.
[Visuals of Evie Troy]
For instance, take Evie Troy, a student at Rocky Mountain High School for the Deaf, who started working with Feel the Beat in 2019. We were immediately captivated by her vivacious spirit and infectious giggle.
In addition to being deaf and blind, and enduring several surgeries on her eyes and ears before the age of 12, Evie experiences difficulty with balance. To address her specific needs, we provided an adult aid to accompany her at all times, preventing falls and helping her maintain stability. Evie has smiled and laughed through every class, frequently signing to the instructor, and harboring a love for pounding drumstick beats as fast as she can.
We are still fortunate to see Evie on a regular basis four years later! Over those years, Evie has developed a love of yoga, and attends our yoga classes twice a month. There is no yoga pose she won’t try! Her balance and stability have improved significantly, along with her focus and engagement. Ending each class in a resting pose, Evie guides her own breathing exercise while she feels the reverberations in the floor beneath her.
[Footage of Evie in Master Class being a role model]
Recently Evie attended a master class where she clearly served a leadership role as a model for younger students who now look up to her. Her kindness, curiosity, determination, sense of humor, creativity, boldness, and brilliance inspire those around her every day!
Evie’s story of improvement and resilience, and the stories of many others like her, continue to drive our work to provide all-inclusive programming so that everyone can feel the beat!

[Note: If possible to have a different voice read these aloud, that would be great!]
[Visuals: Display testimonials written on-screen, alongside images of those giving the testimonial if possible]
“Feel the Beat is unique because their team provides dance instruction in my students’ preferred language, ASL. Because of this, the instruction is accessible, and students can truly focus on moving their bodies rather than struggling to understand directions. In addition, it was also uniquely designed to allow Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to appreciate music by literally feeling the sounds through the floor.” – Heather, Rocky Mountain School for the Deaf

So what does the future hold for Feel the Beat? Imagine attending an event such as a wedding, school dance, or a concert and discovering that the venue has one of our vibrotactile floors installed, allowing everyone to experience music on a physical level. The addition of a vibrating floor at events like these elevates and expands the experience for all, creating a world where no one is left out, and everyone is invited to dance!
[Visuals of Feel the Beat dance floors offsite at Brewability or Charles Whitlock Rec Center]


We believe that every person is unique and possesses a creative spark waiting to be ignited. Feel the Beat creates an accessible and inclusive way to encourage that creative spark in individuals. That’s the Power of the Beat!
Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to spread the joy of dance and music, one beat at a time. Together, let’s create a world where everyone can Feel the Beat!
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