Cheryl, a licensed marriage and family therapist of nearly 30 years approached Ainslee Studios during the Covid-19 pandemic for help designing a series of presentations on emotion and anxiety management for her local school district in Northern California. She had been given a great opportunity to speak to faculty, teachers, and caregivers at the school district to help with heightened stress during the pandemic.

I helped her to design 12 presentations, each around 40 slides and 1-2 hours in length. Initially we put together some rough branding to provide a consistent look to the presentations.
Following the pandemic, as the school district found less need for such workshops, Cheryl decided she enjoyed presenting and wanted to provide workshops and presentations outside of her local school district, as well as other products.
I worked to officially brand Cheryl's project, now called Emotion Wise. With a professional brand fleshed out, we subsequently created materials (a flyer, business card, letterhead), and a website, which you can visit here.
Logo Design and Visual Identity
I worked with Cheryl to complete a full brand identity discovery process, resulting in a full brand package with logo, colors, typography, and textures.

The logo is inspired by Cheryl's commitment to use her background in child therapy to support adults working with children in helping those kids develop healthy emotional skills. I helped Cheryl through a discovery process to name her new endeavor "Emotion Wise", referring to the emotion related education she provides, and the healthy outcome of learning to work with one's emotions.

I created custom hand-drawn logo text, and used a sketchy yet soft texture for the logo overall, leaning into the emotional side of the work, while providing a comforting feel and presence. The size difference in the hands is a nod to Cheryl's background working with youth in therapy, as well as the nature of her future work with Emotion Wise to provide tools to educators and others working with children, so they may pass those skills on.
Materials: Brochure, Business Card, Letterhead
The most immediate needs were brochures and business cards, so Cheryl could attend a conference that happened soon after the branding was completed. Her main offering at the moment is her workshops and presentations, so we highlighted those in the brochure.
Brochure designed for Emotion Wise by Ainslee Studios, introducing the brand and detailing all workshops and presentations currently available.
Website Design
Close on the heels of the brochure and business card was a website design. Before the branding was done, Cheryl and I worked together on website content; she wrote the copy and I edited it for the website and brochure. Once we had the brochure finalized and sent to print, we updated our existing web content with the branding, so that it was also ready in time for her to attend the conference and launch her new brand, Emotion Wise!
Presentation Design
All of the presentations were created long before the branding, and now that we've completed her brand and website, I'm working with Cheryl to update the presentations with her new branding, and update the content as well. Below is a sampling of slides from one of her many presentations, that have been updated with the new branding.

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