An Ink Monstr employee wraps a van with the updated Namaste Solar branding
Namaste Solar approached Ainslee Studios with a big project in January 2022; they had just updated their branding and needed to implement it across... everything! When they came to me asking for assistance, I knew that I was the right designer for this job.

Namaste Solar is a great company – they're not only in the solar industry (which I whole-heartedly support), but they're also a B Corp, and employee owned. How cool is that?!

I worked to implement their new brand across a wide variety of mediums and platforms, from digital ads and social media graphics, to digital PDF buyers guides, to updating the designs for their fleet of vehicles.

Namaste Solar's Residential Buyer's Guide, updated with the new branding

A two page promotional flyer showcasing the positive impacts of going solar

A fun t-shirt for employees and giveaways showcasing the revised logo and tagline

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