Erin Hottenstein approached me in January 2021 with an urgent need for branding and materials as she was running for city council.
We focused on her history as a small business owner, long-time resident of Fort Collins, former journalist, and founder of Colorado 50/50, a nonprofit working to encourage women to enter politics in Colorado.
I worked with Erin's team over the course of the 12-week campaign to create additional materials as the message evolved and the budget grew. We created numerous materials, including a yard sign, 5 different postcards and mailers, a full digital advertising campaign, and social media banners.
"Elizabeth was an indispensable part of our team. She was knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and a great communicator. Most importantly, her designs were beautiful and impactful - far better than anything our competition was producing."
– Erin Hottenstein
The main full color logo for Erin Hottenstein's City Council campaign.
All of the main color variations provided for Erin Hottenstein's logo mark. Versions of the icon without text were also provided.
Our target was Democratic voters in Erin's district who were looking for someone to build bridges and heal political division. This tactic deeply influenced the visuals for Erin's campaign.
With Erin being a small business owner, we opted to focus her campaign on economic recovery from Covid-19, as well as affordable housing, diversity equity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability.
Fonts and colors were chosen to present Erin as someone who, while running as a Democrat, was somewhat moderate and would be comfortable working with others across the aisle. We wanted to present her as friendly and approachable, yet professional and capable of handling complex issues as a council member.
5"x7" Mailer focused on Covid-19 recovery in the city
5"x7" Mailer focused on the city's housing crisis
Left: Front of 4"x6.5" postcard for volunteers to write on and mail, or leave on doorsteps.

Flyer to leave on doorsteps

Erin holding the yard sign

Digital ad campaign

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